Facts and figures are witness of a success

With over 45 years experience Plastimec is Italian leader in the production of plastic tubes for processing continuous yarns.

In our factory of 8,000 square meters we process more than 3,000 tons of plastic each year .

We have 23 injection moulding machines of last generation and export to 30 countries all around the world.


Solutions, not only products

Plastimec doesn't make only products; but also the success of its partners. 
This new interpretation of its own business mission makes a great difference, which also intervenes between a product and a solution: while the first one is inevitably destined to change, the second has the duty to be constant throughout the years. 
Solutions, more than products, are the results of a long experience and of a continuous technological and projectual search, but above all of a very useful characteristic: the ability to listen to the individual needs in order to produce with flexibility and intelligence. 
Solutions are fed by a complete service, that begins from the custom design, guarantees a constant presence on the field and also continues over, with the withdrawal of the exhausted products for their regeneration in many new industrial applications.



In the 1969 Luigi Caprioglio began to collaborate with a small company of injection moulding that had 3 presses of small tonnage. Then he realizes the potentialities of this technology for the development of supports for the textile industry. The following year he decided to found the PLASTIMEC.

Since then the company has always been characterised by an elevated rate of growth, so it passed by the 10 injection machines in the 1975, to 20 in the 1988 and finally to 25 in the 1995.

In the eighties Luigi's sons, Mauro and Paolo, decided to work full time in the family company bringing with them ideas of modernisation and expansion.

In the nineties PLASTIMEC decided to dedicate 100% of its own sources in the textile sector, mainly to produce supports for the process of synthetic yarns.  

ITMA 1991 in Hannover launched the company outside Italy, allowing it to become a strong exporter of Italian technology in the world. To keep up with the times, PLASTIMEC has always kept updated its injection machines, in 1987 we bought the first machine with computer for the process control, in the 1996 all the machines were computerised.

The introduction in 1997 of a central system to feed raw materials from silos has allowed the company to increase a lot the production autonomy, afterwards the installation of automatic plants for the products' packiging created the ideal conditions to meet the actual needs of the market "JUST IN TIME".


The economical crisis of 2009 interested all the industry with a clear reduction of volumes required by the world textile market. But starting from 2010 the situation tended to slowly improve till 2012 when we recovered much of the lost volumes.

In 2013 we started to collaborate with ROOFINGREEN, an Italian company specialised in the design of innovative and environmentally friendly roofing for buildings. The production of ROOFINGREEN modules, the famous plastic tile covered with synthetic grass will start in 2014 with ever-increasing numbers.

Today PLASTIMEC is an highly specialised company, it has modern and efficient technologies and methodologies of job, a deep knowledge of the market and a will to grow up and improve in the future.