The excellence of the Plastimec's products comes from a process which aim to the total quality. 
A process that begins from the selection of the raw materials and finishes only after deep control tests. 
Our suppliers are the most important European companies in the thermoplastic sector. 
Every time we study the design of a new tube their collaboration always allows us to find the ideal material, which offers at the same time the best performances of the moulded piece and the more technically reliable characteristics of the moulding process. Using only first-quality chips, coming from big plants, guarantees the qualitative constancy of our production that is for us a reason of pride.



Efficiency and bench tests make sure that the production maintains the necessary standards of reliability and performance. 
Our best quality is our constant precision. The new textile machines are always faster and ask for suitable supports. Plastimec, thanks to a particular production technology, has developed a range of articles suitable for high speeds of wrapping. 
Together with some of our clients and suppliers we have also developed particular methodologies to verify the quality of our moulded products.

All our injection machines are constantly replaced, in order to keep them modern and at the same time to come in contact with the new technologies. In fact since 1996 all the machines in job are equipped with computer for the process control. All the parameters of production are filed in order to guarantee the continuity in the time. 
Our moulds are realised to last for a long time and to produce million of pieces.