The ideal solution for spinning plants of the future​


Spinning and the enviroment

The textile industries of the future should pay more attention to reduce the environmental impact caused by their work. In this direction moves the idea of recovering and reusing the tubes when they are empty. 
For spinning companies of continuous fibers (Polyester, Polyamide, Polypropylene, etc. ..) that use the yarn internally or that are able to collect the empty tubes, Plastimec proposes a new type of plastic tubes that for resistance is suitable to be used dozens of times. These models are identified by the trade name "Ktube". 
The Ktube born from close collaboration between PLASTIMEC and some major manufacturers of synthetic yarns. The use of Ktube in the production cycle of a yarn guarantees a drastic reduction in the number of cardboard tubes and a quick return on investment.

The Ktube is an innovative and reliable solution, Here are some details that characterize it:


1. High flexural modulus that guarantees the dimensional stability even after several uses.


2. Dimensional accuracy.






3. High impact resistance due to the raw material used for production.


4. Automatic catching yarn system manufactured with high precision tools. 
5. Interior design to prevent sliding of Ktube on the spinning chucks of winders.


6. Niche that allows the removal of residual yarn.


7. High superficially hardness.


8. The Ktube can be supplied with a laser mark. This can be customized depending on customer's needs. For example you can insert your company logo, the identification number of the tube, the production date, a data matrix can be read by a scanner gun etc .. 

9. Minimal environmental impact, at the end of his life, the tube can still be granulated and part of the material is further reused to produce new plastic parts.